Key ECONPUBLIC publications

The “Economics in the Public Sphere” (ECONPUBLIC) project asked four main questions and I list the most significant publications under those four headings.

1. How have representations of economic expertise changed over time?

  • Mata, T. and Medema, S.G. (eds) 2013. The Economist as Public Intellectual, special issue of History of Political Economy, 45(5), 336 pages.
  • Morris, J. under review. “Is Central Bank Transparency (Really) a Recent Phenomenon? The Politics of Communicative Experiments at the Bank of England.”
  • Undurraga, T. and Pedroso, A. forthcoming. “Elite journalists and mainstream economists in Brazil: elective affinity or professional illusion?” Journalism Studies.
  • 2. How do economic journalists perceive the practice and goals of their reporting?

  • Undurraga, T. 2017. “Making News, Making the Economy: Technological Changes and Financial Pressures in Brazil” Cultural Sociology 11(1): 77-96.
  • Mata, T. forthcoming. “The managerial ideal and business magazines in the Great Depression” Enterprise & Society.
  • Undurraga, T. 2017. “Knowledge production in economic journalism: translation, mediation and dreams of authorship in Brazil.” The Sociological Review.
  • Undurraga, T. forthcoming. “Making news of value: exploiting dissonances in economic journalism” Journal of Cultural Economy.
  • 3. What strategies do social movements employ to challenge and shape media representations of expertise?

  • Mata, T. forthcoming. “Milton Friedman and Paul Samuelson, columnists of Newsweek” Journal of the History of Economic Thought.
  • Anthony, S. under review. “Free enterprise on film: Aims of Industry, economic liberalism and the birth of the industrial film.”
  • Morris, J. under review “Decentring Ingenuity: Modes of Calculation and Intuition in The Bank of England’s Financial Literacy Assemblages.”
  • Habermehl, V. draft. “On credibility and public numbers, inflation reporting in Argentina after the INDEC intervention.”
  • Habermehl, V. draft. “Precarity and crisis, economic organising from below in two markets in Buenos Aires.”
  • 4. What role do media performances play in the careers of economists?

  • Mata, T. and Medema, S.G. 2013. “The Cultures of Expertise and the Public Interventions of Economists” History of Political Economy 45(5), 1-19.
  • Morris, J. 2016. “The Performativity, Performance and Lively Practices in Financial Stability Press Conferences” Journal of Cultural Economy 9(3): 245-260.
  • Morris, J. forthcoming. “Stress Testing, Performativity and a Possibilistic Risk Calculus” Hollow, Garnett and Morris (eds) Research Handbook on Risk Management in Complex Systems.
  • The Economist, a book

    Finally, I have edited a major collection of essays on The Economist.

  • Mata, T. (ed) forthcoming. The Economist in History: The Political Economy of Liberal Journalism. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Key ECONPUBLIC events

    In the course of its lifetime the “Economics in the Public Sphere” (ECONPUBLIC) project organized the following events. Links are to a detailed description of each event on the project’s UCL webpage:

      Social Reproduction and Everyday Economy” (2016)
      Social Studies of the Economy” (2016)
      The Regulation of Public Numbers” (2016)
      Economics in Film” partnered with the British Film Institute (2015)
      Half a day on FAZ: the History of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (2015)
      175 Years of The Economist” (2015)
      Brazilian Media and the Journalistic Field” (2015)
      “The text analysis of media text” (2015)
      Economic Reason: Intellectuals and Think-Tanks in the Late 20th Century” (2013)
      Interrogating Economics in the Public Sphere” (2013)